Straw Blanket
Part#: 17681
Single Net – 100% weed free AG straw for use on slopes up to 3:1 and l ... More Product Info
Coconut Blanket
Part#: 17683
100% coconut fibers used on slopes 1:1 or greater and in channels with ... More Product Info
Straw/Coconut Blanket
Part#: 17684
Weed free AG straw – 30% coconut fibers used on slopes up to 1:1 and in ... More Product Info
Permanent Blanket
Part#: 17694
100% synthetic fibers for use in large flow channels and severe slopes. ... More Product Info
Sod Staple Setter
Part#: 17686-11-42
Staple setter means no bending down, making securing erosion control blan ... More Product Info
MEBQ Quickgrass
Part#: 17687-138-48
4’ x 101” Single Net Excelsior blanket dyed green. ... More Product Info
Jute Mesh Blanket
Part#: 17685-1-48
4’ x 225’ (Total: 100 sq. yds.) 100% woven coir used on slopes up to 2 ... More Product Info
Excelsior Blanket
Part#: 17687E
4’ x 101’-1/4’  (Total: 45 sq. yds.) 8’ x 101’-1/4’ (Total: ... More Product Info
Straw Wattles
Part#: 17669
Straw Wattles are tubular products consisting of the finest available agr ... More Product Info
Sod Staples
Part#: 17686-0
Ideal for keeping blankets in place, these steel staples are available in ... More Product Info
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